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  • First on record meeting minutes of South Toms River Squad were February 12th 1963, the meeting was called to order at 8:05pm by the Squads First President Jach Shepard. During that meeting it was discussed about Red Cross Training, Also during this meeting a resolution was passed by the squad members to purchase a rig after a roll call vote the decision was unnanimous to purchase a rig under the agreement that the whole squad would be responsible for the cost incurred in said purchase. Discussion then turned to picking the name for the squad. A Motion was made by Mr Tony Monzo and Seconded by Mr. Charles Kosankie that the name should be The South Toms River First aid & Rescue Squad. The name was adopted unanimously. Mr. Welsh was appointed chairman of the committee to draft a constitution and bylaws. A Motion was then made by Mr. Kosankie and seconded by Mr. Sutherland that women be accepted into the squad with the stipulation that they not be allowed to hold any office. The next meeting was then set for Sunday March 31, 1963 at 2pm at boro hall.

  • March 24th 1963- Motion by E. Crystal to send letter to Toms River FAS to arragne a meeting between them and STRFA&RS to discuss problems on fund drive. Seconded by M. Kessler. Carried.   Discussions on ways and means commitee, Motion to table ways and means committee.  Suggestion by Mr. Crystal to contact local developers about construction of a squad building. Motion by Mr. Crystal to form a committee consisiting of the President, One Trustee and two non office holding members to be called the building and lands committee. Mr. Crystal gave  breif explination of duties of line officers. Mr. Sutherland gave report on proposed flyer to be passed out to borough residents.

  • April 22, 1963- Meeting called to order at 8:10pm by Mr. Shepard, No meeting minutes were read of previous meeting due to the secretary being busy fighting fires over the weekend. The constitiution was read by Mr. Shepard and Mr. Walters. Mr Kessler handed out applications for membership to everyone present. Mr. Sutherland brought up a few questions pretaining to the application. a discussion followed on this applicaiton a motioned was made and carried for a coffee break to wait for more people to arrive. After the meeting was recalled to order it was decided that if the rig was needed for fire, the meeting would adjorn immediately. The constitution was taken up, Dick Vanderway made a motion for the membership to read Active Members 21 with the stipulation a junior corp to start for 18-21 year olds. it was then refrased to read active member 21-50 inclusinve. The motion was made by Charles Kosankie. Dick Vanderway then made a motion  for the application to be filled out at the next meeting. Norman Kranz made a motion that the constitution and bylaws be accepted as read this evening. Mike Kessler then brough to the floor the subject of a radio for the rig. there were two choices at the time, Motorola or a compco. Tony Monzo made a motion that the compco be bought, Ed Smith Seconded. The meeting was adjurned at 12:45am

  • April 26th 1963, Meeting called to order by VP Monzo at 9pm, M. Sutherland provided a report on training that the red cross would not complete its course on schedule. He explained the need for full cooperation of all concerned due to a approaching rolling dated the squad is hoping for. The squad was divided into teams of four men each to work together outside training. He also pointed out the need for Equipment. J. Lewis said he was making splints. The Communications committee purchased a contract for the radio system to be used. Splints were made on April 27th at Mr Kesslers home, J. Lewis, Joe Pisani, F. Combs, B. O’Rourk, T. Kelly, H. Hansen, M. Kessler, D. Vanderway, and D. McGrath attended.     M. Kessler reported a executive meeting between Toms River First Aid & South Toms River First Aid, Both Boards agreed on all matters discussed, Discussion of a meeting between the squad and the Mayor and Council also entailed.   Motion was made by M. Kessler to accept E. CRYSTAL as Honorary Line Captain. and Honorary member. Seconded by D. McGrath. Nominations opened for acting line officers

  • April 26th First Voted Officers of the Squad, Captain-Alf Walters, 1st Lieutenant-R. Vanderway, 2nd Lieutenant- Jim Lewis, Sergeant-Tony Monzo, Treasurer M. Kessler.

  • As per Charter Members-Al & Elin Walters, I, Elin Walters, was the first secretary of the squad, and for some time the only female member on days. The call from the sheriffs office came to our home, and Dick VanDerway and I answered the call. The rig at that time was housed in the gas station on Dover Rd. We then were able to house the rig in the two car garage on what is now the Squad property.

  • May, 14th 1963, Toms River First Aid Squad will no longer send out a Fund Drive in South Toms River Boro.

  • Mayor Mulligan announces that July 1st-7th will be First Aid Week to celebrate the Start of First Aid Services to the Borough by South Toms River First Aid.

  • Squad Finances its First Mobile Radio from the Trust Co. of Ocean County.

  • Charter Members Announced, W. Frank Combs, Louis Curry, Thomas Kelly, Michael Kessler, Charlie Kosanke, Norman Kranz, James Lewis, Daniel McGrath, Anthony Monzo, John Sakmary, Jack Shepard, Edmund Smith, Janet Smith, Wayne Smith, Martin Sutherland, Alf Walters, Elin Walters, Howard Hansen.

  • June 28th, 1963 Squad Incorporated by the State of NJ

  • June 29th, 1963- Line Captain reported that the ambulance was not in

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